Sustainable housing helps you save the planet (and the money long-term)

Sustainability is a term that’s being used increasingly more in nearly every industry. For many, it’s become the new normal to look for ways to save natural resources, create less waste, recycle and reuse. If you’re hoping to help the environment, your home is a great place to start. 

Sustainable housing has become an important concept in relation to environmental integrity. More people opt for greener living opportunities that don’t cost us our place on the Earth. Recent surveys show that younger generations are especially focused on saving the environment, and as a result, they look for sustainable homes which have good energy efficiency ratings.

But what’s even better – a sustainable home is not just something that reduces our environmental footprint for generations to come. It also helps the owners save their financial resources in the present. 

Before we further examine how sustainable housing can help you save money, let’s take a look at the basics:

What is sustainability and sustainable housing

There is no universally accepted definition of the concept “sustainability”. But in the broader sense, sustainability stands for meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. A sustainable lifestyle does not just mean being an environmentalist and protecting natural resources – it’s also about social and economic resources and finding concerns for social equity and economic development. When all of these aspects are in balance, people and the planet benefit. 

We truly believe that sustainability is also connected to conscious living – being aware of every aspect of your lifestyle and surroundings. When we choose to be mindful of matters both large and small and take responsibility by adopting sustainable practices, our actions can have a positive impact on our planet in the long run. 

This is where sustainable housing comes into play as one of the more profound and impactful levels of how people can live more consciously. The term “sustainable housing” is generally used to describe a home that focuses on creating less waste, fewer costs, less maintenance, and lower life-cycle environmental impacts, but provides greater user satisfaction including comfort, security, privacy, and health. Put simply, it’s a home that is built to be as self-sufficient as possible and leaves the smallest possible ecological footprint, all the while satisfying the home owner’s needs. 

Several factors define a sustainable house, including its size, energy consumption, the materials used, the construction process, as well as lifespan. Size-wise, the larger the house, the more materials and energy will be used to build and maintain it. The same goes for construction methods and materials. The way a house is built and what it’s constructed out of affects the final ecological footprint of the house.

It may seem there are many hurdles to tackle if you want to live a truly eco-friendly, responsible, and sustainable life and that money is one of the bigger challenges. But here at Manta North, we believe it’s the other way around. If you invest more at the beginning of building your sustainable home, it will be more money-saving and pay off in the long run – and here’s why. 

The benefits of sustainable housing

Sustainable housing is not only environmentally friendly and rewarding, but it delivers fantastic cost benefits. The building practices of a sustainable home, including a prefabricated one like Manta North, minimizes waste, achieving efficient use. 

As to the financial side of sustainable housing, there are several aspects of how sustainable homes offer stronger value for money minimizing any extra costs. 

1. Sustainable housing incorporates water and energy-efficient systems, helping you spend less in the long term. 

Since energy prices are steadily increasing every year, the demand and costs for energy are only set to increase. Incorporating energy-efficient systems in your home noticeably cuts the price of your bills, earning money back through savings. 

Here at Manta North, our homes are grade A energy efficient and meet the Passive House requirements which stand for quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. Manta North houses are made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) – an eco-friendly, renewable, and green material that keeps your home well insulated, meeting the highest energy efficiency standards. 

Manta North prefabricated homes also come with an in-built Sun Bird renewable energy system which includes solar PV panels and a battery pack system that powers your house. The panels generate 7kW solar energy and store it in a 6.8 kWh battery. The system is super compact and takes you a step closer to independent and sustainable off-the-grid living. Other features that help you save energy are aluminum triple-glazed windows and our smart kinetic switches that you can control with an app to further reduce energy waste.

2. There’s less maintenance. 

Since green materials used in sustainable housing are often more durable, they also require less hassle and maintenance over time. This can help you save money on pricey repairs – like fire damage. For Manta North homes, we’ve picked the extremely durable Kingspan PIR panels which have a high thermal performance and a high resistance to flames and smoke. We’ve also made sure the wood surfaces are thermally treated and coated with water-repellent oil ensuring they’ll require less upkeep. 

3. Sustainable housing is built to last. 

Durability is a key component in sustainable housing. A durable building provides a long period of time to amortize its environmental and economic impact that occurred while building it. 

While some may falsely think that prefabricated houses are flimsy or constructed, modern-day prefabs are quite the opposite. For example, Manta North homes are made of high-performance materials like highest-grade CLT, Kingspan insulation, and Firestone roof membrane making sure your home will not only perform efficiently in a variety of climates but will do so for a very long time. Since the building walls are composed of thermally treated wood, which has seen a huge increase in demand over the last decade, your home will also age gracefully. We stand by the quality of our homes, and for our customers’ peace of mind, all Manta North houses get a 10-year limited warranty.

Final thoughts

There’s a rising interest in choosing sustainable housing and it’s definitely a great thing – not only for the owners but for communities worldwide. Is it likely the majority of homes will be sustainable within the next decade? We certainly hope so. After all, it’s easier than ever to choose a greener and more energy-efficient home. With Manta North, you don’t even have to build one – we’ll build, deliver, and set it up for you. Explore our North-inspired prefabs to find your future home.

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