7 reasons why you should consider a prefab house

The process of buying a house has changed incredibly in the last couple of decades. A purchase that used to take a long time and would require thorough browsing of a local newspaper can now be done online in seconds and from nearly anywhere in the world.

What’s more, future homeowners are reconnecting with nature. A recent study revealed that as a result of the pandemic, 40% of city dwellers were considering leaving big cities for less-crowded environments. They are increasingly looking for places to live with more space, fewer people, and greater affordability, all the while maintaining a good quality of life.

Combining these two important trends together, it’s no wonder prefabricated houses, also called prefab homes or simply prefabs, are taking the stage, front and center. More people are tracing back their roots and searching for ways to live a simpler, more authentic life in a modern world. In this article, we’ll take a look at how prefab homes can help you achieve the best of both worlds. 

The “old” way of building a house

When you think about building your own house, the first impression of the process is that it’s very time consuming, as well as money and energy draining.

The numbers confirm this, although the amount of time and financial investment it takes to build a house depends on its type, size, as well as region. According to Statista, Zurich had the highest building costs per square meter – 3,652 US dollars (2,978 Euro), while the costs were much lower in Warsaw – 1,030 US dollars (839 Euro) per square meter.

But as the construction process drags on, the expenses pile up. You may need to include time and budget for an architect to draw up plans (which can take several months) and coordinate drawings. There’s also the pre-construction process to take into account – preparing your home’s lot and removing rocks, trees, rough grading, and leveling the premises. You also need to make sure your construction workers are available, as you’ll need access to specialists like electricians, plumbers, and framers. And remember that if you decide to change the plans along the way, this will usually extend the build time – especially if the changes occur in the latter part of the process.

Not to mention the headache of living through endless construction and ending up damaging the surrounding ecosystem – your future home – in the process. 

The truth is – getting a home does not have to be complicated, nor destructive, or limiting. You can choose what your home will look like, where it’s going to be located – and build it in a timely and environmentally-friendly manner. Here’s how:  

Prefab house: A quality home that reconnects you with nature 

For the modern dweller who appreciates authenticity, simplicity, and a strong connection with nature, a prefab home is the complete package. 

First of all, a prefab house can be delivered to nearly any location of your choice. All architectural drawings, plans, and documents are prepared, so all you need to do is pick the layout and design that suits you best.

Here are 7 other reasons why you should consider a prefab house:

  1. You can live away from the city but enjoy modern amenities. Prefab houses often come equipped with intelligent technology and sustainable materials. For example, a typical Manta North prefab house includes a design bathroom, as well as a custom-designed kitchen with high-quality surfaces and mechanisms (for example, a two-ring cooktop, oven, and even a small fridge). There’s also a smart LED system installed and kinetic switches that let you control the lights using an app.
  2. Prefab houses are great for remote locations. They leave significantly less environmental disruption on the building suite. They’re also ready to be built in areas with minimal infrastructure, so they’ll be a great fit for people who choose to live in an unspoiled, remote, or even rugged location
  3. Less waste. When producing a prefab house, it’s easier to calculate how much material is required. As a result, far less material is wasted than when building a traditional construction house. 
  4. Save time. Since prefab houses are constructed off-site and indoors, there are no delays due to weather problems. It also takes noticeably less time to set up your new home – for example, it takes only one day (in some cases, even just a few hours) to set up a Manta North prefab house once it’s delivered.  
  5. Portability and adaptability. Prefab homes can be moved and rearranged. Plans changed? Pack up your home and move it to another location. Your prefab house adapts to your surroundings and easily adjusts to new environments. We believe that mobility and free flow of thought are key ingredients in life, and we embody this belief in our houses. 
  6. It simply looks great. The modern prefab houses are often well-designed, thoroughly and stylishly built, and created with contemporary homeowners in mind. In Manta North houses, we’ve put together the best of both worlds – the perks of modern technology and a beautiful space inspired by the domains of the north. 
  7. Quality control. A prefab house is made indoors in a factory with a completely controlled environment. This means that your future home will be thoroughly inspected before being transported to its permanent location. 

Final takeaway

And there you have it – 7 reasons why a prefab house is the right fit for an adventurous, unique, and innovative soul such as yourself.

Want to explore our collection of prefab houses inspired by the north? You can order your house entirely online – find out more on the Manta North blog

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