Your Style

Sustainable design at its best. Multiple plans and interior choices. Single and double bedroom options. Perfect addition to existing property, rental or family weekend getaway. 

Buying a prefab house online is the new reality of modern living

The great thing about ordering online is that you’re not dependent on your location or travel restrictions. The online shopping process is seamless and efficient – your personal consultant will guide you through all the documentation and shipping process. But the result remains the same – when shipped, your new house is ready to be installed on site and can be used in just a few hours. 

Technology and design

The house is designed to withstand and function in all climates. Using sustainable materials and working with producers who care about the footprint they leave on this planet were key focuses in creating the house.


Future People

We see a community of modern, energetic and smart people who enjoy nature as much as they enjoy the city. It’s either a weekend sanctuary or a permanent residence, satisfying the basic needs of comfort and rest while using resources responsibly and providing an inspiring space and environment.


The Product

Nowadays, even purchases as significant as getting a new home can easily be made online. Browse our collection of prefab houses and start your own journey to sustainable living. 


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