Buying a prefab house online is the new reality of modern living

For many people, being a homeowner means living the perfect dream. It’s a way to set down roots and find a sense of security for yourself and your loved ones. 

But how do you find – and build – your new home when social interaction is limited and safety restrictions change on a daily basis due to the pandemic? Is it even possible to buy a house remotely? Absolutely. 

The first Manta North prefab house that was purchased entirely online will travel all the way to the countryside near Berlin. What’s more important – the new owner never even visited a showroom. 

Here’s what made it possible – and how you can buy your own prefab house online, too.

First Manta North house purchased 100% online

Up until recently, most of Manta North prefab houses were ordered in close communication between the client and our team. Our clients would visit the factory and take a closer look at their future home or visit demo houses in  our showrooms in Iceland, the Netherlands, as well as Copenhagen.

You can still do that. But considering the unpredictable times and travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19, we knew we had to find an easier, less time-consuming, and remotely achievable way for our clients to buy their new homes. If you can shop for your furniture, your entire wardrobe, and even your car online, why not e-shop for a house? 

Raimonds Gusarevs, the CEO of Manta North, reveals that the first prefab home ordered entirely online was a 48 m2, two-bedroom cross-laminated timber house, and its new owner never even visited a showroom before purchasing. More importantly, the new home that comes with an integrated heating system, electricity, plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom will be ready to welcome its new owners the same day it is delivered. 

“When planning to buy a house, we know that we’ll see the final outcome in real life only after the house is built. In the case of prefab homes, it’s not much different. Yet with prefab houses, you can see the plans, the design, and the technical solutions beforehand. You can be sure that everything is tested and works,” says Gusarevs. 

All of Manta North prefab houses are built based on detailed architectural and technical drawings, so the process of ordering a house online is similar to what it was before. The descriptions and technical specifications are available online on the Manta North website – we’re very open about the way we work and what materials are used. In our case, access to the Internet is all you need to buy your new prefab home. 

“We’ve been delivering houses worldwide and even to remote areas as far as Iceland,” says Gusarevs. “While we still believe in a real-life connection and experience, the modern times have proven that trust can also be built differently. We’re very excited to see that clients are more open to the new ways of purchasing a house.” 

Why buy a prefab house – and why do it online? 

Prefabricated homes are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the main reasons is that consumers are more environmentally conscious. The modern dweller now prefers sustainable living, and prefabricated housing is one of the ways to achieve that. 

For example, the prefabricated houses at Manta North tick all of these important boxes. They’re: 

  • Highly energy efficient. Our houses are made of CLT (cross-laminated timber) – the walls are structurally strong and well insulated, meeting highest energy efficiency standards.
  • Environmentally friendly. Only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are used in the building process, creating a harmonious and healthy environment to live in.
  • Functional and innovative. Manta North offers contemporary housing with smart and eco-conscious design solutions for a simpler life.
  • Beautifully designed. All houses are inspired by Scandinavian design, modernism, and minimalist aesthetic, with nature standing above all. 

The great thing about ordering online is that you’re not dependent on your location or travel restrictions. The online shopping process is seamless and efficient – your personal consultant will guide you through all the documentation and shipping process. But the result remains the same – when shipped, your new house is ready to be installed on site and can be used in just a few hours. 

Even though the online shopping process may seem quick and easy, the houses are built to last and will be a long-term investment – the complete opposite of the fast-paced society we’ve been used to.

How to buy your prefab house online

Nowadays, even purchases as significant as getting a new home can easily be made online. Browse our collection of prefab houses and start your own journey to sustainable living. 

Want to learn more about Manta North? Here’s our  story

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