The initiative joined architects, engineers and sociologists in discussion. Think of the main problems people face at the moment and how the near future will unfold. It’s a guess, but so far the most valid guess we’ve ever had.


Manta is a way of life

All things considered, the natural processes within ourselves and our environment shape who we are and vice versa. With Manta North, we maximize the potential of using natural energy resources for daily life. The next couple of years will be critical in defining how we are going to live on this planet in terms of taking responsibility for our actions. The solutions that we have brought to life are nothing unique, but they are the best that we can put together, for now. We are sure it’s not even the beginning.

With breathtaking ocean views in the front and majestic mountain range at the back, this is the most scenic Icelandic location any Manta North building has been delivered so far. The mountain Hafnarfjall is part of an extinguished, 4 million years old volcano surrounded by incredible wildlife and birds. It is also one of the windiest places in Iceland, and sometimes the wind can be stronger than 70m/per second. Read more

Originally intended as a summer house, the family has found they use it almost every weekend. During the pandemic, the space proved perfect for isolating before a family gathering over Christmas. “We stayed here for ten days, and it was wonderful,” recalls Juris. “It felt like another reality.” Read more

Manta North is longlisted in Dezeen awards – website of the year 2021. Link

The day has officially arrived. You can now order a ready-to-live-in prefab house online in the same fashion you would a Domino’s pizza-complete with custom topings and even an ETA. Read more